Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I tried not to close my eyes
Whenever am passing by
into the streets of my becomings
into the road from where i begun

I tried not to listen
and try not to spit even a single word from this mouth
whenever i see people staring at me with their expressive eyes

I tried not to lend my hand
and try not to move my body
whenever i hear people screaming out loud

I tried to hide
i tried almost everything just to erase this line of path
but even my brain neither my soul cannot hide from the fact

As the cross says fear on me
as the women said draw the line
as the children cries for their rights
as the man of our lives dissapears
and as our body start to bleed

I cant really hide
i cant close this eyes for it is my light
cannot be deaf nor sublime
I was not born just for being alone
I was here...
was there..
and will be forever existing
Untill we see the srtobing Red light!

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